Growing Up Texan (But Not On a Ranch)

One of Abigail’s favorite aspects of being an author is getting to meet and swap experiences with other authors. Blend this with her corporate training experience, and you get some knockout workshops. She would be very happy to present one of her workshops to your writing group or organization. Each workshop can be tailored in terms of length and method of delivery (in person, online, skype, etc.).

For more information, please email Abigail at abigail[dot]owen[dot]books[at]gmail[dot]com.


Growing Up Texan (But Not On A Ranch)

3883a-484761947Delivery Method: PC Projection, Handout

Time: 90 min – 3 hours (adjustable) In Person / 1-4 Weeks Online


If you’re getting ready to write a book set in Texas–particularly in the cities of Texas–then this is the workshop for you! An estimated 86% of people in Texas live in urban areas, rather than on farms or ranches. Each city in Texas–from Dallas to Galveston to College Station–has a different feel to it. Texas is also a huge state with very different topographies depending on where you go–from the East Texas pines to the Hill Country to the beaches to the Panhandle. As you can imagine, if the land and cities differ, so do the people, the cultures, and so on. Get access to someone with first-hand experience to help you fill in these crucial details for your novel!

Detailed Breakdown:

Abigail grew up in Texas and has lived in places like Austin, Houston, and College Station. A fourth-generation Texas A&M University graduate she comes from a family with a long history in this grand state. While Abigail now lives in California, she is, and always will be, a Texan.

This workshop is delivered as a focus on each topic with a chance for Q&A before moving on to the next topic.  Attendees are encouraged to take this opportunity to ask very specific questions. Attendees will be given a handout with discussion points.

The workshop is broken into the following topics:

  • Growing Up Texan
  • Texas Regions – The Feel of Each Place
  • Texas Cities & Famous Places
  • Texas Traditions & History
  • Texas People – Culture, Speech, Politics, Sports, Jobs Etc.
  • What Do Texans Do For Fun?


For more information, please email Abigail at abigail[dot]owen[dot]books[at]gmail[dot]com.

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