Tieryn’s Fury


Status: Aiming for an early 2016 release. Check back for updates.

Revenge and love don’t mix.

Tieryn's Fury (Shadowcat Nation #3) by Abigail OwenThe day Shane Callahan lost his wife and was forced to run from the only home they’d ever known was the day he’d vowed he’d kill every last man responsible. He’s waited years in hiding, but is finally on the verge of taking his revenge. Until he is assigned to protect a Healer and is forced to halt in his quest.

As the Alpha’s daughter and the Healer in her Dare of mountain lion shifters, Tieryn McGraw has enjoyed a privileged life. As the fiancée of the next Alpha in line, she expects that to continue. But then she ends up on the run with a man determined not to like her…and who makes her question everything about her decisions and her future.

Shane needs her to heal more than his body. But can Tieryn heal his soul and prove to him that love is a higher purpose than revenge?


Get started on this series now. Read Hannah’s Fate (my short story in the Here, Kitty Kitty anthology), Andromeda’s Fall (Shadowcat Nation #1), and Sarai’s Fortune (Shadowcat Nation #2)!


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