Falling for Kate


Skydiving | Falling for Kate (Blue Skies Series) | Contemporary Romance | Author Abigail OwenStatus: Falling for Kate is written, and being queried to publishers.

Professional skydiver Kate Nichols never felt as though she fit in the pampered, privileged world of the aunt and uncle who raised her. She’s much more at home with the freedom that comes with falling through the sky, and she refuses to give up the sport she loves. Even if that means disappointing her family or people like Sean Wells, her uncle’s protégé and the man she’d once considered a friend…until he proved otherwise.

Having grown up poor, Sean was not born to his position but earned it through hard work and guts. He has little time or patience for freeloading rich kids, and Kate obviously falls in that category. Too bad, because she’d had so much potential once upon a time. But when his mentor starts hinting that he’d like to keep Nichols Oil “in the family” Sean wonders if marriage to Kate might be the answer.

Can a free-spirited skydiver and an up-and-coming CEO get over their pasts and perceptions to see each other’s true worth?


y romance author

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