Guest Blogging: Character Interview with Ellie Aubrey

I wrote my first guest blog piece this last week and it is now posted! For those of you who don’t know, a guest blog is when another blogger asks you to write something for their blog. I’m finding that this is very common on book blogs.

Theresa Cole – owner of Fade Into Fantasy – was nice enough to invite me to be a guest blogger on her site. My contact with Theresa started with a request for her to review Blue Violet. She very kindly let me know that she was interested but it would be some time as – and I’m finding this is true of most book bloggers – she was swamped with books to read and review.

She then asked if I would be interested in a guest blog. She was also very helpful in letting me know that the guest blog posts that seemed to garner the most interest from her readers were some type of character interview. This concept got my wheels spinning.

I had a TON of fun writing this guest blog piece! It is written just like a celebrity interview often seen in magazines. The point of view is the author of the article – in this case me. It starts by describing the setting and meeting of the celebrity and then jumps into the Q&A.  The only tricky part was coming up with dialogue that gave readers enough of a clue to hopefully draw their interest to read the book, and yet not include any major spoilers.

Check it out!

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